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Solar PV panel cleaning

More light, more electricity

Electricity is generated by PV panels when light hits the semi-conductor surface beneath the protective glass.  Ensuring that the maximum amount of light reaches this surface will ensure that they perform as well as possible.

How often the modules will need to be cleaned is very site specific.  For example, if there is a lot of airborne dust from crops in the vicinity then the modules will need to be cleaned more frequently. In many cases there can be substantial reductions in the amount of electricity being generated because of surface-dirt.  You can see case studies in the “Our Projects” section of the website.

String-wide losses

Depending on the inverter configuration, the modules are likely to be connected in “strings” to the inverters.  This arrangement means that if even one of the modules is obstructed, the output of the whole string may suffer.  This makes it is even more essential to ensure that the modules are free from dirt, leaves, bird droppings, etc.

High quality apparatus

NWT use German “QLEEN” high performance professional cleaning systems.  ROTAQLEEN, a rotating brush that cleans quickly and smoothly, is specifically designed for use on solar PV installations.

With two 12 volt engines integrated into the brush head instead of using water flow to rotate the cleaning surface, ROTAQLEEN achieves substantially better cleaning results than standard brushes on the market.

Contact us if you have a commercial PV system that you would like us to clean.