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The process

Installation, monitoring and maintenance

NWT Solar provides a comprehensive solution from a single, trusted solar energy company. NWT Solar’s dedicated team focus on providing a seamless service,  simplifying the energy agreement options, eliminating risk and snag free installation.

For details of our Operation & Maintenance contract offering, visit NWT Energy’s resource page.


NWT Solar enginner

Step 1 – Analysis, roof lease and design

NWT Solar conducts a site-specific assessment and provides an economic evaluation of the solar production potential, showing the expected returns. We also offer leasing options on the installation space, which allows you to install solar energy without a capital outlay. Our design will propose a solar photovoltaic system that utilises the most appropriate PV technology and framing system to optimise energy production and return on investment.

Step 2 – Investment, certification and due diligence

NWT Solar applies for the feed-in tariff, permits and connections. In the case of financed projects we will chose a suitable investor and work through their ‘due diligence’ process.

Step 3 – Installation, monitoring and maintenance

NWT Solar manages the entire installation process including logistics, construction, connections with the utility, the feed-in tariff process and completes the testing and commissioning of the system to ensure everything is operating at its maximum potential.

Step 4 – Monitoring, operation and maintenance

NWT Solar offers a full operation and maintenance programme including monitoring performance via remote telemetry. Biannual system inspections by certified technicians ensure that the system’s performance is optimised and downtimes  minimised. The O&M service can include the stocking of spare parts including PV modules and inverters for the duration of the contract.

Monitoring systems

NWT Solar supply a range of stylish monitoring systems for commercial systems. The data from these systems can be accessed via our solar log website.

The website delivers to live, up-to-the-minute information on your system’s performance and electricity generation.

Live monitoring also allows us to ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency and to resolve any operational issues with the minimum disruption to service.

Visit the NWT Solar monitoring website for a live demo »

To maintain the optimum performance of your PV installation, we recommend periodical cleaning.