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Mounting systems

We offer a full range of both roof mounted and ground based mounting systems. All our systems are flexible, designed to accommodate sensitivities around planning issues for both commercial and residential installations.

The screw pile ground mounting system was developed by NWT Solar and offers an efficient and practical mount  which supports large-scale devices in open spaces for most landscapes, with minimum impact on the environment. The size and configuration of the screw pile is influenced by an accurate and detailed analysis of the area, including geological research, tensile test, wind strength and predicted snowfalls. This innovative system has significantly reduced the overall cost of large-scale photovoltaic systems.

We also offer mounting systems comprising a hot-dipped galvanised steel structure with bolted or welded joints, where accessories for mounting inverters and electrical panels can be incorporated into the construction. The design allows for 2–5 photovoltaic panels to be placed above one another, horizontally or vertically. The design can be adjusted and it is both easy and fast to assemble.

PV panels are mounted using special fasteners and the mounting system itself has a lifetime of 25–30 years.


Alumero produce the mounting profiles, components, fastening systems, laminate clamps and module and collector frames for photovoltaic and solar systems. Whatever the requirement, Alumero’s project specialists provide expert advice and innovative ideas to find the most efficient and economical solution.

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