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Public sector

Solar energy can be applied on schools, colleges, universities, community centres, social housing developments, parks, bus stations and any other public facilities and non-profit organisations.

For buildings that have a high hot water demand, solar energy can provide 50-70% of the building’s needs.

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Electricity rates have increased over the last 5 years and are expected to continue to climb. Utility bills are a significant portion of the overhead for most public sector organisations, and as utility costs rise, it affects the effectiveness of your service delivery. Installing your own solar power can reduce or eliminate your exposure to rising energy costs.

With live on-line monitoring you can track the return on your investment and our after-sales support team can ensure the maximum efficiency of the installation.

To see how an NWT Solar PV installation can impact on the profitability of your business, contact us to arrange a free no-obligation on-site assessment.