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New build

NWT Solar partner with property developers to help them incorporate renewable energy into their new developments. This not only meets the code for sustainable homes, but helps make your homes more desirable to buyers.

In 2007 92% of people surveyed by MORI were keen to see sustainability features in their homes. And the Energy Saving Trust report that homebuyers are willing to pay £10,000 more for a home that is sustainable.

New build 01

NWT are solar energy specialists. We help property developers meet their carbon reduction targets whilst fulfilling the growing demand for solar power.We advise on what types of solar PV and inverters you should be using and what size they need to be, as well as how the installation will affect the final appearance of the property. We can install quickly – ensuring your project stays on schedule and will optimise costs by fitting several homes at once. Our contractors are all certified and accredited to work to the highest standard.

With live on-line monitoring you can track the return on your investment and our after-sales support team can ensure the maximum efficiency of the installation.

To see how an NWT Solar PV installation can impact on the profitability of your business, contact us to arrange a free no-obligation on-site assessment.