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NWT Solar’s innovative, fast to deploy, cost effective PV mounting systems are adaptable for all types of roofs.

Our wide range of solar products offer the most efficient energy solution for your budget and scale of installation, whilst maximising return on investment. Our project team includes some of Europe’s most experienced solar engineers and we can advise you on investment options and legal regulations.

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Our dedicated team is focused on eliminating risks and simplifying the  4 step process from start to finish:

  • step 1: project analysis, purchase/lease options and design
  • step 2: due diligence and certification
  • step 3: installation
  • step 4: monitoring and maintenance

With live on-line monitoring you can track the return on your investment and our after-sales support team can ensure the maximum efficiency of the installation.

If you are a land owner, commercial landlord, property agent or a prospective investor, contact us to arrange a meeting.  We can discuss the various purchasing options that are available and arrange a free, no-obligation on-site assessment.

With various options available, NWT can install solar PV systems and provide innovative solutions for project financing and billing tenants for the electricity they use.  These include finance, PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) and options to install now and purchase later.  Our team have a detailed understanding of how to make solar installations work for you even where a complex ownership structure is in place.

Solar represents a straightforward way of improving the financial performance of a property, not to mention improving its green credentials and Energy Performance Certificate grade.  With new EPC rules coming into force from 2016, enhancing the EPC rating of a property is becoming increasingly attractive prospect for landlords across the UK.

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Contact us to discuss any aspect of a solar PV installation for your property or for your business.