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The average UK barn roof could be earning substantial sums each year through solar energy.

What’s more, agricultural buildings and installations at ground level are some of the simplest, most effective systems to install. The large expanses available, in relatively ‘clutter free’ environments, makes solar PV panels a viable, value for money option.

Agriculture 01

Solar PV provides the highest feed-in tariff rate of all renewable technologies. An installation of 10 – 50 kilowatts will receive an amount per unit of electricity generated, as well as providing the owner with electricity during daylight hours at no additional cost. ┬áIn many cases this delivers an ROI of around 10%.

Purchase options:

  • buy your installation outright and receive full FIT payments and electricity cost savings; or
  • lease your roof space to NWT Solar, we will install our own plant and you will receive the electricity cost savings.

With live on-line monitoring you can track the return on your investment and our after-sales support team can ensure the maximum efficiency of the installation.

To see how an NWT Solar PV installation can impact on the profitability of your business, contact us to arrange a free no-obligation on-site assessment.