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REC solar modules ranked number 1

REC solar modules ranked first in the year long comparative study conducted by Photon Laboratory in 2011 which measures energy yield. On average, REC modules generated more electricity than 45 other module brands, producing 6 percent more energy. REC multicrystaline modules outperformed 45 other modules.

The Photon Field Performance Test measures how many kilowatt hours of electricity a module generates throughout one year in real life conditions.

The Photon Test is currently the most recognised field performance test, comparing international solar module brands over several years, during different seasons and in different light conditions.

Over the last 24 months, REC modules have maintained a leading position in the Photon Test, ranking second overall in 2010. Please visit the REC website for more detail.

Download the REC Photon Test factsheet.

Published on: 17 May 2012