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Holy Trinity Church, Hull

NWT Solar have  installed a new 22kW rooftop PV system for one of the largest parish churches in England.

The Holy Trinity Church in Hull is by area the largest parish church in the UK. This stately and beautiful structure, adorned with its stunning stained glass windows is over 700 years old dating back pre 1300s.

Churches too must play their part in looking to the future, saving on soaring energy costs and lowering their carbon footprint. Although most churches these days have been modernised with central or under-floor heating and modern lighting, Holy Trinity with the sheer magnitude of its interior makes being energy efficient a challenge.

Reverend Dr Neal Barnes the vicar of Holy Trinity was delighted that the church could be involved with generating their own electricity by the installation of Solar PV, offsetting the electricity bills saving money to help with the upkeep of the church without any impact on the historical value and beauty of the building. It’s important for churches to do their bit to care for the environment.

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When completed, the 22kWp high yield system comprising 66 Sunpower 333W monocrystalline panels, 2 Power-One Trio inverters, and an Alumero mounting system, is expected to generate approximately 16,000 kWh per annum. This will provide a saving of over 6.8 tonnes of carbon on the church each year. Our client will achieve maximum return on his investment, but can have confidence in the quality of the hardware over the 25 year lifespan of the FIT scheme, and power generation long beyond that.


Published on: 28 Jun 2012