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A new 200kW installation

NWT Solar have recently installed a new 200kW rooftop PV system for a dairy farm in rural West Sussex.

This type of business has a high demand for daytime energy and installing solar panels enables the maximum offsetting of energy during the optimum time decreasing the electricity bills significantly.

The main aim is to reduce the farms energy costs and at the same time lessening the impact on the environment. In this way the farm can continue to run effectively whilst being more energy efficient without having to make major changes, saving money and benefiting from the extra income from the Feed in Tariff.

Hill House Farm as was


Above: The roof top as was

Hill House farm - the first panels in place

Above: Installation of the panels is underway

Above: Main roof finished

When completed, the 200kWp high yield system comprising 833 REC 240W polycrystalline panels, 7 Power-One Trio inverters, and an Alumero mounting system, is expected to generate approximately 180,000 kWh per annum. This will provide a saving of over 77 tonnes of carbon on the farm each year. By using high yield panels from Norwegian manufacturer REC, and American PowerOne inverters, the system will generate 4% more than the average 200kWp system. Not only will our client achieve maximum return on his investment, but can have confidence in the quality of the hardware over the 25 year lifespan of the FIT scheme, and power generation long beyond that.

Published on: 21 May 2012