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Little Ouseburn 24kW

West Sleeper Farm is a very successful pig farm in the heart of Yorkshire countryside. The client was extremely interested in utilizing the buildings on the estate for a solar installation and benefit from reduced electricity costs and the payback from the Government-backed Feed-in Tariff (FIT).

West Sleeper Farm operates a system of mixed farming, having livestock and arable enterprises where each part of the system supports the others, but the real advantages of mixed farming is in environmental sustainability.

You need to take an all-round approach to the social responsibility of farming in providing environmental diversity and balancing sustainability whilst still generating income for the business. So the opportunity to install solar panels on our farm buildings was an easy decision for us. The installation was undertaken so quickly and efficiently, there was no business upheaval no disruption to our daily routine and our livestock were completely undisturbed. Without having to use up any precious farm space we can now save thousands of pounds on our electricity bills and have an additional source of valuable income. It’s all about sustainable living.

Site Little Ousbourne, Yorkshire
Project date November 2011
System size 24kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters SMA 6000TL
Mounting system Alumero
Annual electricity generated 19,000kWh

Published on: 28 Apr 2012