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Field Place and Stairbridge Farms 100kW

Field Place and Stairbridge Farms Bolney are adjacent farms on the outskirts of Haywards Heath.

No one would say they look forward to receiving any demands for payments but with electricity and gas prices soaring ever upward, and with two farms to upkeep our energy bills were becoming a major concern. We felt that we really needed to do something positive about this but needed the assurance that any investment we made in the sustainability of our business future would really pay off.

After a little research and talking to NWT International a local renewable energy installer, it became obvious Solar PV was right for our business, it is affordable, clean readily available and we were very satisfied that there is a reliable source of income to be generated from solar panels from both the generation of the free energy and the Government Feed in Tariff payments.  It also fit nicely into our “green and clean” farm management initiatives that we’re trying to follow.

NWT Solar did a great job, and within a matter of weeks they had installed 2 x 50kW solar PV systems on our farm buildings. I think it looks great, a noiseless clean technology that just blends in with the surrounding countyside, and with all the sun this summer we will definitely be maximising our energy payback.

Site Stairbridge and Field Place Farm, West Sussex
Project Date May-June 2013
System size 100kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters PowerOne
Mounting System Alumero
Annual Electricity Generated 85,000 kWh

Published on: 22 Jul 2013