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Moonhill Farm 50kW

Moonhill Farm part of the Heaselands Estate, fulfils an important role in maintaining the landscape setting between Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill.

Almost everything we do is dependent on fuel, and we are well aware that the cost to produce energy will continue to rise. Every business should be thinking ahead and ensuring they have a secure, cost efficient supply of energy for the future, so we decided that one of the best ways to achieve this was to generate our own.

Solar PV was by far the most attractive option it’s clean, sustainable, increasingly affordable, providing on average over 40% of our total energy needs, saving on our carbon emissions and most importantly of all has no environmental impact on our premises and land in the heart of a countryside estate.

Our solar PV generator was installed by a local company, NWT Solar they did a great job, very professional and efficient, everything went really smoothly, in-fact we had hardly noticed them being there at all before we were signing the handover paperwork on completion.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction when you turn on the power knowing that you produced this energy and even better still when it not costing you to use it.

Site Moonhill Farm
Project Date June2013
System Size 50kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters PowerOne
Mounting System Alumero
Annual Electricity Generated 45000 kWh

Published on: 22 Jul 2013