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Manor Farm 30kW

Manor Farm, snuggled at the foot of the South Downs is a working farm with many of the former farm buildings now converted into business units, like so many traditional farms over the years it has had to adapt and diversify to remain sustainable.

A major cost for any business is the energy costs, especially electricity so you need to be innovative and explore your options to minimise them. Installing solar PV was high on my list as a very attractive option, producing your own clean energy and creating additional income whilst making efficient use of the existing farm resources.

Even though the FIT Tariff rates have been reduced the up-front cost are significantly lower now than 12 months ago, we were confident that it was well worth the investment.

NWT Solar did all the work for us installing a 30kWp system on our barn roof. They were approachable and friendly and took on the whole project professionally and efficiently from the planning and sourcing good quality components to the installation, commissioning and registration.

We now use our own freely produced energy as well as receiving the income from the FIT payments, and are really proud of our own mini power station.


Site Manor Farm
Project Date June 2013
System Size 30kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters PowerOne
Mounting System Alumero
Annual Electricity Generated 26,000 kWh

Published on: 2 Jul 2013