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Winterpick Farm, 250kW

Winterpick Business Park, a former mushroom farm, is now a busy successful industrial hub in rural West Sussex supporting a range of businesses – including many renewable resourcing and recycling industries.

One of the major costs for any industry is the energy costs, especially electricity. Many businesses look for ways in which they can minimise their future energy costs by making efficient use of their resources and existing substructure. Understandably, installing solar PV has become an increasingly popular solution because it is low impact, low maintenance, convenient, profitable, and environmentally sound.

“Winterpick Park provides for a host of diverse businesses with varying energy demands which meant we were looking at a fairly large scale project.  So we needed to consider our options carefully.  Our interest was drawn to the “Buy Out Option” scheme offered by NWT Solar, where we could get our system installed and commissioned without any financial outlay, securing the current tariff rate, together with our option to purchase the system over the next 5 years.

‘This meant we could get the project underway immediately, see our future investment impressively up and working, and then have the time to plan and arrange our financing. This is such a great opportunity we just cannot miss out on it.

“NWT Solar use good quality products – the main components have 10 year warranties and 25 year linear power guarantees – giving you the confidence to know the system will work efficiently and last throughout its lifetime.”

When completed, the 250kWp high yield system comprising 1040 REC 240W polycrystalline panelsPower-One Trio inverters, and an Alumero mounting system, is expected to generate approximately 225,000 kWh per annum.

Site Winterpick Business park, West Sussex
Project Date March - April 2013
System Size 250kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters PowerOne
Mounting System Alumero
Annual Electricity Generated 225,000 kWh

Published on: 4 Jun 2013