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Willetts Farm 50kW

Willetts Farm, nestled in the weald of the Kent and Sussex countryside, has been owned by the Ashby family for over 100 years. Formerly a traditional farm, over the years it has expanded and diversified to keep up with the changing demands of modern farming.

Using milk from their award winning dairy herd they now run a very successful business producing Ice cream however running the dairy parlour, food production units and all the other farm buildings the demand and cost of energy on the farm is significant. With fuel prices ever increasing, global resources diminishing, the concern about climate change and reducing CO2 emissions they decided it was time to re-evaluate their position.

“We looked into renewable resourcing and installing Solar PV seemed the most ideal solution. We contacted NWT Solar, a local trusted company, to discuss our options and decided on a ground based system as we have the land to facilitate this. We were able to have a much larger installation maximising our energy production. NWT Solar installed a premium quality system ensuring that we would get the best possible return for our investment.

It feels good that we have achieved our aim in a clean, low carbon way and we can’t wait to receive the income earned from our very own energy station and to see our electricity costs fall.”



Site Willetts Farm, Kent
Project Date November 2012
System Size 50 kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters PowerOne
Mounting System Alumero
Annual Electricity Generated 48,000 kWh

Published on: 31 Jan 2013