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North Chailey 60kW

This local Farm, located in the village of North Chailey is a thriving working farm which has undergone substantial investment and renovation over the last few years. Set in over 400 acres of Sussex countryside the farm is a popular site for both business and leisure, including a very successful livery yard, organic farm, business units, offices, workshops and storage.

As farmers we care about animal welfare and the environment, we have a responsibility for managing the countryside and ensuring we protect our livelihood for the future. Our business has continued to grow successfully but so has our day to day operating costs, we therefore decided to look into renewable energy as a source of reducing our fuel bills.”

“We consulted NWT Solar, recommended to us by a neighbouring farmer, and decided that installing solar PV seemed the ideal solution for us. We already had the buildings and land required, the figures showed we would significantly save on our electricity expenditure,  and to find out that we could also earn an income from the feed in tariff payments was even more of an incentive.” NWT installed two solar PV systems for us, a ground based system on a quite site overlooking our woodlands and a roof based array on one of our south facing farm buildings.

Product buyers always want to know about your green credentials, so we are proud to be able to show that we are making steps to be energy efficient and using renewable resources to reduce our carbon footprint. We are really pleased with our choice and it’s another box ticked towards our eco-business future.

Site North Chailey, West Sussex
Project date July 2012
System size 60kW
Panels REC240PE
Inverters PowerOne TRIO
Mounting system Alumero
Annual electricity generated 56000kWh

Published on: 3 Oct 2012