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Wivelsfield Green 50kW

Park Farm in West Sussex is a small enterprise comprising of many mixed business units. With increasing operating costs and rising fuel prices it’s a daily battle trying to keep our overheads down and business sustainable.

We asked a local company NWT Solar who had been recommended to us, for advice on what renewable energy technologies would suit the site and business. Having the buildings already there to accommodate it, installing solar PV seemed by far the easiest and most convenient source of renewable energy.

There were capital costs involved but being able to use the freely produced electricity together with the feed in tariff payments and with virtually no on-going maintenance costs, offered a sound return for our investment for minimal risk.

NWT Solar provided an excellent service, specifying the best panels, invertors, mounting systems to give the maximum output available from our roof space. We are very pleased with our installation, especially with the electricity savings and the on-going FIT payments we will receive.

Site Wivelsfield Green, West Sussex
Project date July 2012
System size 49kW
Panels REC 240PE
Inverters PowerOne TRIO
Mounting system Alumero
Annual electricity generated 43000kWh

Published on: 11 Sep 2012