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Why choose NWT Solar?

NWT Solar operates Europe-wide, specialising in the delivery of solar powered solutions for commercial applications. Over the last seven years NWT Solar has installed over 78MW of Photo Voltaic and thermal panels across Europe.

Unbiased, informed advice

Clients who have chosen to work with us recognise the undeniable benefits of a solution that is designed specifically for them.  Drawing on a variety of suppliers from our proven pan-European network, we offer a choice of products and technologies covering a range of budgets, and we explain the difference between them.

Consultation rather than hard sell

We don’t knock on doors to persuade as many customers as possible to fit PV.  Our reputation is important to us and we will give you honest advice about the suitability of solar energy for your building. If it is not viable, we will tell you.

We are career experts in solar energy and will always send an engineer, rather than a salesman, to assess your needs and the suitability of your property.  We are confident that the quality and expertise of our products and services will speak for themselves, without the need for hard sell.

Key facts

  • 20 years of operational experience
  • Extensive UK subcontractor network
  • UK supplier network
  • Strong relationships with UK DNOs
  • In depth knowledge of UK grid requirements and regulations
  • Installed hundreds of projects across UK, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany
  • EPC for commercial systems, large scale installations
  • PV wholesaler and reseller
  • Strong supply chain with leading global suppliers including REC, SolarWorld, BenQ, ABB and SolarEdge
  • Robust long term supplier to UK market
  • UK based/focused company with EU experience