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Power Purchase Agreement – cash positive throughout

Solar PV systems generate useful electricity on-site that can be used before having to purchase any from the local grid network. 

Taking control of the generation of a proportion of your electricity offers an opportunity to reduce costs by limiting the amount you have to purchase from the grid via a utility company.

Buying a solar system to generate your own electricity offers the largest returns, however it is not always practical.   Fortunately a PPA gives access to cheaper electricity without the need for up-front expenditure.  By entering into a Power Purchase Agreement with NWT Energy, we can finance the installation and put the system in place at no cost to you.  You simply buy the electricity from the solar array rather than the grid, at a reduced rate.

We call this Solar Gain and we are keen to talk to all commercial businesses that may be able to benefit.  Full details are available on our NWT Energy website.

Added protection from increasing bills

Using the electricity generated by the solar system will significantly reduce your utility bills. The PPA itself also protects you from electricity price rises – the more the cost of electricity increases, the larger the savings you stand to make.

Contact us for more information and we can guide you through the process.