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NWT Energy

NWT Energy advises and invests in energy generation and energy saving projects that reduce emissions and overhead for our clients, who are commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and government property or land owners.

Helping to meet the UK’s renewable energy objectives

It’s time for action. There are thousands of untapped commercial roofs in the UK that could be used to generate renewable energy, reducing energy bills while feeding electricity into the grid.

Our success and growth has been achieved by helping property owners release the potential of their investment – in a way that suits them best.

Our SolarGain™ initiative is designed to encourage property owners to engage in the generation of solar energy for sound financial reasons and to help reduce our dependency on increasingly expensive fossil and nuclear fuel generated energy.

NWT Energy, a leading UK renewable energy provider

NWT has played a leading role in the development of solar power plant technology since 2006, with hundreds of commercial installations running successfully across the continent. However, solar power generation is more established in mainland Europe than in the UK and we are now in a strong position to redress the balance and benefit from European solar energy experience.

You could be our next partner. We are looking for the kind of roof space that could be available on any industrial estate, on many farms or institutional buildings. Our technical expertise is now contributing to next generation developments for the maximisation of energy that we can extract from PV installations and we would be delighted to share our energy harvest and industry experience with you.

For more information, please visit the NWT Energy website.